Go beyond your limits with FX-Pool

How it works

Getting started with FX-Pool is very easy and the system works in just three(3) simple steps

To get started you need to first create a free MyFXP account
  • Login to your account
  • go to “Subscribe” area
  • and choose a pool to join

We handle and manage all trades on the pool platform within the trading period.
Don’t worry your funds are safe, guaranteed and we’re proud of our service.

At the end of every trading period, you’ll receive 70% of the total profit generated on the pool platform.
You’re special and we believe you deserve it

Well built platform

FXPinnacle platforms are built on latest technology and well secured with high end security software. The FX-Pool platform is well integrated with MT4 to allow all participants easy and quick access to the pool activities.

Who needs FX-Pool?

FX-Pool is a solution modeled and well designed to solve the pressing needs of retail traders such as:

  • Low trading capital
  • Poor trading skill
  • Proper account management
  • Consistent profit returns
  • And more…

Instant Profit Withdraw

By default all earned profits are automatically transferred into your MyFXP account wallet at the close of every trading period. You can withdraw funds from your wallet to your bank at your convenience.

Your funds are safe and protected

Your funds are kept safe in a separate bank and segregated from our operational accounts. Considering the volatile nature of the FX market, we’re fully qualified and prepared to swim the tides. Should anything go wrong, FXPinnacle shall cover all loses and refund all account deposits.

See what you can earn with FX-Pool

Use this to calculate your potential profit within a single trading period.

This should only be seen as an illustration as profits could be more or less in real trading.